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Count on us to frame your project exactly to your blueprints. Our skilled tradesmen are experienced with commercial steel studs and residential framing with wood studs.

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Plumbing is a major part of any home build & renovation. If your toilets don’t flush, it won’t matter how beautiful your home looks.

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Drywall can help create a room fit for an interior design magazine, but when poorly installed, it leaves your home looking cheap and shoddy. Let us make you look good.

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Mudding Taping

A skilled taper can hide a lot of mistakes left behind by framers and drywall hangers. A poor taping job however, can cause trouble for trim carpenters and painters.

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Sub Floor

Regardless of which type of flooring is being installed, every floor will require some kind of subfloor prep. Every installation is unique and will have its own subfloor prep requirements. Careful and correct preparation of the subfloor is a major part of a successful flooring project.

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Baseboards/trim work

Baseboard trim not only covers the gap between the walls and the floor but also adds character and dimension to a room and provides an elegant finishing touch. Our team will bring new life to your home.

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Custom Kitchens

Kitchens are the best investment you can make in your home in terms of return on investment and quality of life. Let us show you how much better your home can be.

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24 years of experience

If you’re looking to complete your renovation project, you’ve come to the right place! At Lakeshore Heights we can complete your renovation project from start to finish.

Reaching New Heights

We aim to achieve excellence in everything we do, while also improve the level of our products and services for all our customers.

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Our company Goals

Our global goals are to design and build the best renovation projects that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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How Our Process Works

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What clients say

The floor looks magnificent and the parquet in the hall sets it off beautifully. Your men were excellent and delightful.

Adam McMillan, Regular client

What clients say

Fantastic service from start to finish. After our ceiling collapsed we never thought our damaged floor would look so good again.

Mary Smith, Regular client

What clients say

I just wanted to say thank you and the team very much for the brilliant service around renovating the floors at our house.

Jane Peterson, Regular client

What clients say

From beginning to end everything went smoothly. The actual installation was amazing. Timely, efficient, and perfect.

Stephen Adams, Regular client



Our team of experienced professionals can address almost anything that relates to your home. Our skills include drafting architectural blueprints, helping you to obtain permits, budgeting for large scale projects, aiding your finished construction with a touch of Interior Design, as well as taking control of the planning and scheduling aspects of your home renovation.

Yes, having an initial grasp of your budget allows us to design within a context. If we overestimate your budget, time is wasted by proposing something that you cannot afford, while underestimating your budget leads to a proposed project that may not live up to the potential of what could otherwise be made. Our designs and plans are customized for you in accordance with your budget. We have had a lot of success creating a rough estimate of what projects may cost before construction has begun, and we need to have a realistic sense of your budget to be able to schedule a site visit. Otherwise, time is wasted by considering possibilities that can’t be afforded instead of focusing on how to create the most value for you as we possibly can.

There are many ways to accomplish this. Conduct research online, and ask your network of friends, family, and coworkers if they have any information on the subject. If you contact us, our personnel will determine what budget should be expected for the project you are thinking about. Again, a logical first step is to fill out our form so that we can form a ballpark estimation.

This is completely dependent on the type of project and project size. A sweeping, full-home renovation generally takes around 4-6 months. A renovation complete with an addition takes 5-7 months, and building a custom home takes just less than a year, beginning with a 1-2 month design process. Minor renovations obviously take less time. Bathrooms usually take 2 weeks, and full basements take 4-6 weeks. If either of these require additions, as well as renovations, we usually project that it will take around 2-4 months to build. Depending on the scope of the project, the design and planning phase can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 months… Even if this is a time consuming step, it is absolutely worthwhile.

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